Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (2024)

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Prismatic is the newest subclass in Destiny 2, and it's got some really diverse potential thanks to the variety of Fragments that the devs have created. You start with six Fragments by default; Facets of Courage, Dawn, Hope, Protection, Purpose, and Ruin. During The Final Shape's campaign, players will unlock some more of these Fragments, but the others must be hunted down across the Pale Heart. Some are just hidden, while others are locked behind tricky puzzles that will take all the sleuthing skills Guardians possess to unlock them.

Each Fragment focuses on this combination of Light and Dark, allowing Guardians to utilize the powers at their disposal fully. While you'll unlock a few Fragments during the campaign, you'll need to spend some time hunting down the others if you want to fully utilize your Prismatic powers for builds like the Warlock infinite turret build.


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Where to Find Each Campaign Prismatic Fragment in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

It's a Scavenger Hunt

Rather than the Strand-style purchasing system to unlock new subclass Fragments introduced in Lightfall, Prismatic Fragments are a bit more complicated to unlock. If you'd like a video guide, check out Aztecross' video on YouTube for all the Fragment locations. These first two are unlocked during the campaign and are impossible to miss:



Facet of Blessing

Melee final blows trigger health regeneration. While Transcendent, melee final blows trigger health regen for yourself and allies.

Facet of Balance

Rapid final blows with Light energy grant melee energy. Rapid defeats with Dark elements grant grenade energy.

These two fragments are the only two given to you for free, but three more are hidden within campaign missions. Each of the following fragments is hidden within a mission, and you'll need to reload into that mission to find them. They are as follows:

Facet of Bravery - Ascent Mission

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (2)

This Fragment is hidden on the mountain as you climb. About halfway to the top, the path leads you to the front half of a plane you can walk through. Before walking through the plane, head to the right to find the chest hidden in a lower plane section.

Facet of Devotion - Dissent Mission

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (3)

The chest for this Fragment is easy to find but tricky to grab. After you defeat the big Scorn boss in this mission, Ghost will warn you that the place seems to be falling apart. As you make your hasty exit, you'll need to veer away from your marked path and keep heading straight into the glowing purple hallway. At the end of the hall, the chest will be behind a pillar to your left.

Facet of Sacrifice - Ionoclasm Mission

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (4)

This final campaign Fragment can be found after you enter the room with the statue resembling a Cabal War Beast that's been sliced up. Once in this room, head out the left door into the small alcove, then look up to find a small white light. This marks the entrance to the hall where the chest is. Jump up to this hole, then crouch into the small hall. You'll find the Prismatic chest on the other side of this hallway.

All Other Prismatic Fragments

Puzzles and Hidden Interactions.

For all other Fragments in Destiny 2, Guardians will have to traverse the Pale Heart and solve puzzles or hunt down Fragments hidden to the naked eye. To find the proper items to track down some of these Fragments, you'll need to complete Cysts, which WoW Quests shows in the YouTube video above, and open the Light Offering chests unlocked by completing their puzzles.

Doing so will give you Vestiges of Light, which are blue items you'll need to collect five of. After collecting five, they'll combine into a Legendary "Memory: _______ of Light" item. Keep this in mind, as it will be referenced for a few of the Fragments.

This is the only collectible you'll need to grab to collect some Fragments. All others can be found simply by completing the correct puzzle or interaction. Once you're ready to start searching, head to the Lost City to begin the hunt.

The Lost City

Facets of Grace and Mending

To find the Facet of Grace in Destiny 2, head out of Micah-10's chamber and drop into the Lost City. Turn to the right and jump across the blue platforms to reach the pathway in the corner of the area. Move around the side until you find the entrance to the building across you, and you'll find a Prismatic chest inside.


Luminescent Seeds can provide powerful mods in Destiny 2: The Final Shape and can easily be obtained by completing the new Overthrow mode.

Once you get close, a message will pop up on the left side of your screen telling you that the Omens have spawned, and you'll be confronted by a group of Dread enemies, including a Weaver with an orange health bar. Clear this group, and you'll get another message informing you of another Omen spawning.

Head back towards the Tower entrance, then jump onto the yellow platforms. Head into the area they lead to to find the second Omen. Killing it triggers the third and final Omen to spawn, so head back to the main area and follow the red-marked path this time. After killing the third Omen, you'll get a message informing you of the arrival of The One Foretold. In the main area, you'll be confronted by a Tormentor.

This Tormentor fight is annoying, and you'll need to have the ability to kill Prismatic enemies, but as long as you stay aware, you'll be able to take down The One Foretold and pick up the Prismatic Key it drops. Return to the chest along the blue path to open the chest and get the Facet of Grace.

Facet of Mending

The next Fragment is a bit complicated to get in Destiny 2, so buckle in. Loading into the Tower, head down to the Lost City and head west; you're retracing your steps back to the area you landed in at the beginning of the campaign. When you get to the Outskirts, you'll be beset by the Hive.

Fight them, and as you make your way around the arena, listen for your Ghost to make the little chirping noise when there's something scannable nearby. If you pull your Ghost out, it will face the direction of the scannable item, which you can follow to find a small Ghost on top of a red sign in the alleyway.

Pick up this Ghost, then head further through the Outskirts. Once you reach the area with the red and yellow platforms, look to the edge of the building you're standing on to see some scaffolds and stairs. Drop down here, then look next to a box on the stairs to find the next Ghost.


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Now, cross the gap and enter the building ahead. After you drop down and exit the building, turn around to the right. As you leave, jump up onto the awning of the exit door to find a third Ghost. Keep following the path until you reach the big tree you walk under.

In the yellow metal structure here, find your last Ghost tucked into the ring part of the structure. Now that you've gotten all four Ghosts keep walking through the big tree until you see a Pyramid-tech plate ringed by the Ghosts you picked up.

Standing on this plate will summon a group of Dread enemies, which you'll have to defeat as the plate charges. A Subjugator will appear that will shield itself once you've damaged it enough, so be ready to Transcend and defeat Prism-shielded enemies to bring its shields down. Defeat the Subjugator, then pick up the Prismatic Key and use it to unlock the Prismatic chest next to the plate.

The Landing

Facet of Justice

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (7)

This next Fragment is hidden in the crystal cave you passed through during the campaign. After you arrive in The Landing, take a left to make your way along the cliffside until you reach the cave you go in after Destiny 2's Psion Puzzle is done in the campaign, then follow the path until you find the large room with the window overlooking the area. In this room, a Prismatic chest and Hive runes will lead to a large Solar crystal on the second floor.

When you pick up the crystal, more Hive runes will appear around the room, corresponding to a pedestal where you can place the crystal. Place the crystal in the matching pedestal from top to bottom. Match the top rune first, then the middle, then the bottom.

One thing to note is that if you jump back down into the center once you've picked up the Solar crystal, the runes will disappear, and many enemies will spawn.

This group of enemies only consists of thralls, so you can mostly leave them be. If you want to fight them, a few heavy slams of the crystal will do the trick.

Instead of jumping down, use the gaps between the runes to run around the room and check out where the crystal should go. Each time you place a crystal, you must fight another group of enemies. Finally, some Ogres and Dread enemies will spawn. As you're used to by now, Prism-shielded enemies will give shields to the bosses, so be ready to Transcend to clear the room. Grab the key that drops and open up the Prismatic chest.

Memory: ______ of Light/Darkness Fragments

Facet of Awakening - Memory: Refractions of Light

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (8)

Remember that "Memory: _____ of Light" item mentioned earlier? When you get the one titled "Refractions of Light," head to the Refraction. In the southern section of the area, you'll find yourself passing under a bunch of trees and viney branches. Climb to the top of this section to find a Prismatic chest sitting on one of those branches.

Facet of Dominance - Memory: Seclusions of Light

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (9)

Once you've gotten "Seclusions of Light" in Destiny 2, find the chest hidden in the Seclusion. Head to the large rock formation near the waterfall. Climb these rocks to see the chest hidden on the right side of the waterfall.

Facet of Generosity - Memory: Blooming of LightDestiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (10)

With "Blooming of Light," travel to the Blooming. Head towards the giant tree of silver wings in the middle, then walk around to the southwest side. You'll find the Prismatic chest here tucked into the roots.

Facet of Solitude - Memory: Impassive Darkness

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (11)

Memories of Darkness are generally the same as Memories of Light but can only be obtained by solving corrupted Overthrow chests. With Memory: Impassive Darkness, head to the Impasse. Look to the northeastern part of the map towards the pyramid tech, near where one of the Traveler Vestiges from Destiny 2's Khvostov questline is found. On the very corner of the map, down on a cliff, you'll find the Prismatic chest.

Facet of Honor - Memory: Divisive Darkness

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (12)

Once you've gotten Memory: Divisive Darkness, head to the Divide and the frozen mountains from the Ascent mission. Once you hit the top of the mountain and before you enter the facility, look off the cliff to the right. There will be a Prismatic chest waiting for you off a short drop.

The Divide

Facet of Command

Load into the Impasse, then head into the small door on the left side of the huge wall. This will take you into the Divide, which you should continue to traverse. Once you reach the area with the Shrieker, you'll know you're close to the Prismatic chest.

In the area right before the chest, you'll see some stairs leading towards a broken paneled wall on the left side of the room. Hop into this room to find a transmat station that will transmat in a scorch cannon. Check the YouTube video above from WoW Gaming to follow along.

Using this scorch cannon, retrace your steps back through the area and break any icy piles to gather energy orbs. You'll have to find seven piles total, and one of them is past the chest off to the right side platforms.


Euphony is Destiny 2's brand new fusion rifle that can only be obtained by completing the raid, but there are ways to increase your drops.

Once you've collected two Solar orbs, two Void orbs, and three Arc orbs, return them to the room with the transmat. Break the two piles of ice in this room to reveal two generators.

Now comes the thinking part of the puzzle. Using the orbs, you have to charge each generator fully. Each orb type provides a different amount of energy to the generator, as seen on the meters attached to the machine.

You need to charge 10 units to each machine without going over. The Arc orb provides two units, the Solar orb three and the Void orb four, so put two Void and one Solar in one generator and two Void and one Arc in the other.

Once you've fully charged both machines, you'll need to fight a bunch of Dread, including a Subjugator, to gain the key and open the chest. Keep an eye out for a bunch of Husks and Prism-shielded enemies, but otherwise, you should have no issue wrapping this Fragment up from here.

The Transgression

Facet of Defiance

After landing in the Impasse, head east into the Transgression in Destiny 2. Once you reach the valley with the giant Guardian statue, turn left into the orange glowing cave. The air here is toxic, so find the little Darkness seed you'll recognize from the campaign, shoot it, and head inside. You must keep refreshing this buff in the cave, so watch your timer.

You'll find the Prismatic chest at the back of the cave. Shoot the Darkness splinter here to activate it, and a bunch of shielded Phalanxes will spawn. To disrupt their shields, you'll need to kill Eyes of Suffering.

This will happen three times, after which a bunch of Dread will spawn alongside a Tormentor. The Tormentor is Prism-Shielded, so Transcend, take him out, and earn your Prismatic chest key. This is the last Prismatic Fragment that Destiny 2 has to offer. Now go, be free, and combine creative and destructive Prismatic power builds.

Source: WoW Quests/YouTube, Aztecross/YouTube

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (14)
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Destiny 2: The Final Shape - All Prismatic Fragment Locations (2024)
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