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Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris has received a complete overhaul in Season of the Lost. Its loot structure has been changed, matchmaking has seen some changes, anti-cheat has been added, and the nature of Trials Cards has been shifted.


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Needless to say, Trials is a much different beast than its previous versions—one that is far more respectful of your time and skill level. It's still the pinnacle PvP activity that most Destiny veterans remember, now with better loot incentives and a more forgiving reward structure. We'll be going over what Trials of Osiris is, how it works, and why virtually every Destiny player will want to dive into this playlist.

Updated June 28, 2024, by Charles Burgar: Trials of Osiris has received two new weapons in The Final Shape: Shayura's Wrath and Aisha's Care. We've updated this guide to include both weapons in Saint's engram focusing options, as well as updated information on how to access Trials of Osiris. Players will now need to own The Final Shape to gain entry.

What Is Trials Of Osiris?

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (2)

Trials of Osiris is a high-stakes variant of Crucible's 3v3 Elimination game type that serves as Destiny 2's pinnacle PvP activity. Only available during weekends, Trials gives every player the chance to show off their PvP skills to obtain some of Destiny's most sought-after weapons and armor.

Players that compete in the Trials of Osiris will have all of their games tracked through a Passage—a ticket purchased from Saint-14. Winning rounds and matches in Trials will grant exclusive weapons, armor, pinnacle gear, Masterwork materials, and even Adept gear for the most skilled players. Both PvE and PvP players have something to gain by participating in Trials whenever it's active.

When Does Trials Of Osiris Start And End?

Trials of Osiris starts every Friday at 10:00 AM Pacific (UTC -7 or 1700 UTC) and ends on the Tuesday weekly reset. You'll find it in the Crucible tab on your Director. Each member of your fireteam will need a Passage to enter the playlist.

Trials of Osiris will not run during the following:

  • The first week of a new season that features a Power level increase.
  • The week a new raid releases.
  • Any week Iron Banner is active.

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Why Should I Play Trials Of Osiris?

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (3)

Trials of Osiris is arguably one of the most rewarding activities in Destiny 2. Losses aren't heavily punished, rewards scale off round wins instead of match wins, and the playlist has matchmaking for solo and duo players.

The rewards you receive from Trials of Osiris include:

  • Exclusive weapons
    • Flawless grants Adept variants (explained later)
  • High-stat armor
  • Pinnacle gear rewards
  • Masterwork materials
    • Includes Ascendant Shards

These weapons are nothing to sneeze at either. Some of Destiny 2's strongest weapons are tied to Trials of Osiris, including The Immortal, Igneous Hammer, and The Messenger. While most weapons from this mode are tuned towards PvP, there are solid PvE rolls for guns like The Incisor and Cataphract GL3. Even if you don't frequent the Crucible, Trials has so many powerful weapons that you might consider playing it when it's available.

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Unlocking Trials Of Osiris

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (5)

Trials of Osiris requires three things before you can participate:

  1. Ownership of the latest Destiny 2 expansion
    1. As of writing, you'll need to own The Final Shape to play Trials.
  2. Completion of the "Trials Access" quest
  3. A Passage
    1. Purchased from Saint-14 while Trials is active.

Expansion ownership does not transfer between platforms. Consider your platform of choice carefully before buying any DLC to play Trials.

Trials Access Quest

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (6)

You can grab this quest from Saint-14 in the Tower. You'll find him beside his ship in the Hangar—the eastern part of the hub.

This quest consists of two major steps:

  1. Complete your Competitive placement series, get 50 kills in Competitive, and increase your Power level to the season's soft cap.
  2. Play a match of Trials of Osiris.

Step one will require that you complete weekly milestones on your Director to obtain Powerful and Pinnacle Gear. We cover this in more detail in our Power leveling guide. For the other two objectives, you'll need to participate in the Competitive PvP playlist. This is a 3v3 playlist featuring more objective-oriented modes and aggressive skill-based matchmaking (SBMM for short), resulting in much tougher matches.

Step two is about trying out the Trials of Osiris. Speak with Saint-14 in the Tower to pick up a Trials Passage, then jump into the playlist. You must win a single round and land one kill to complete this step.

Successfully completing both steps will fully unlock the Trials of Osiris. You'll also earn the Astral Horizon Shotgun with a random roll.

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Playing Trials Of Osiris

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (7)

Trials of Osiris is a variant of the Elimination game type called Dominion, featuring a unique reputation system and loot. Dominion is a 3v3 game type where Guardians must fight over a central objective over multiple rounds. Each player has one life, although you can be revived if an ally interacts with your Ghost. Successfully eliminating the enemy team or capturing the objective will win the round. The first team to win five rounds will win the game.

Unlike normal PvP matches, Trials matches are tracked on what's called a Passage. Saint-14 sells Passages in the Tower that will track your total wins and if you're Flawless—a condition meaning you haven't lost a single game since you bought your Passage. We'll cover Passages more in the next section. This mode also gives Trials Reputation, allowing you to obtain Trials Engrams and other Trials-themed rewards from Saint-14.

Notable Differences From Crucible

Here are the most notable changes between Trials of Osiris and common Crucible playlists:

  • Trials takes place on the same map for every match.
  • The Notswap modifier is active, resetting ability and Super energy if you swap Exotic armor mid-game.
  • Victory requires 5 round wins.
  • Each round lasts 90 seconds.
  • The Dominion flag may be captured 30 seconds into the round.
  • Special and Heavy ammo does not carry over between rounds.
  • Revived players lose all Special ammo.
  • Revive timers are extended each time someone is revived.
  • Emotes are locked to first-person.
  • Swords cannot be equipped unless you have ammo.
  • Saint-14 is the announcer instead of Shaxx.
  • Matches grant Trials Reputation in addition to Valor.

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Passage Wins And Matchmaking Pools

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (8)

All matches played in Trials of Osiris will be marked on your Trials Passage. The state of your Passage determines the matchmaking pool and potential rewards you can expect. By default, everyone starts in the Challenger pool, matching you against other players based on connection quality and fireteam size. For example, solo players in North America will be matchmade with other solo and duo players in North America when possible.

SBMM, Power level, and other skill-based factors are not considered in the Challenger pool.

If you end up losing a match on your Passage, you will gain a Flawed Passage, preventing you from reaching the Lighthouse (explained below). You'll still be able to obtain normal Trials rewards and Trials Reputation as normal. Anyone who owns a Flawed Passage will be placed in the Practice Pool, matching you against other players within the same pool and general skill level.

Additionally, this matchmaking pool features stomp and farming protection, adjusting the matchmaking pool to be easier if you repeatedly lose. If you wish to jump back into the Challenger pool, you can reset your Passage from the Quests tab.

Going Flawless

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (9)

The Flawless Pool no longer exists as of Season of the Deep. It has been replaced with the Challenger and Practice Pools.

Flawless is when a player wins seven Trials games on a Passage without a single loss. A player who achieves a Flawless Passage will be able to visit The Lighthouse, a unique hub area that has exclusive rewards. The chest at The Lighthouse grants Ascendant Shards, Adept weapon mods, an Adept variant of a Trials weapon, and high-stat Trials armor. The Adept weapon that drops is predetermined and rotates every week. First-time Flawless players will also receive a suite of emblems that'll change the glow of your Trials-themed armor.

When you go Flawless, your Trials weapons and armor will emit a bright color to showcase your accomplishment to other players. If you want to change the color of this glow, simply change your emblem to a different Trials-themed emblem. Your Trials glow will decay after two weeks, so be sure to make repeated Flawless attempts to retain the glow. Keep in mind that only gear obtained from the Trials of Osiris will emit a unique glow.

Each emblem grants the following glow:

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (10)
Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (11)
Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (12)
  • Hardened By Trial/Any Non-Trials Emblem: Gold glow
  • Flawless Empyrean: Red glow
  • Light For The Lost: Blue glow

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Trials Of Osiris Passages

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (14)

Passages are unique tickets sold by Saint-14 that track your game history in Trials of Osiris. As you play matches, your Passage will log how many rounds and matches you've won. Only your first game loss is accounted for, locking your character out of Flawless rewards for your current Passage. Unless you care about Adept gear, losses don't mean anything in Trials; round wins are all you need to receive Trials Ranks and rewards from Saint-14.

Your Passage is account-bound, tracks up to 20 rounds won, and grants additional loot once you've won seven games without resetting. You can only have one Passage at a time.

There are five types of Passages you can purchase from Saint-14, some of which have a win prerequisite before they can be purchased.


Required Wins


Passage of Persistence

Losses following a win remove the win from the card. Reaching seven wins rewards the weekly Adept win. Reaching seven wins without having a win removed grants access to the Lighthouse.

This passage cannot be used to focus Adept weapons.

Passage of Mercy

Forgives one loss per run.

Forgives a second loss if you haven't gone Flawless that week.

Passage of Ferocity

If you have not gone Flawless this week, losses after three wins reset you back to three wins.

Passage of Wealth


Increased Trials Rank points for reaching 3, 5, and 7 match wins on a ticket.

Passage of Confidence


Grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.


Passage Of Persistence

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (15)


  • 1,500 Glimmer

The Passage of Persistence is for players who want to earn an Adept weapon but struggle to go Flawless. When you lose a game, you will lose one win on your Passage. Achieve seven wins, and you'll earn that week's Adept weapon, regardless of your card's Flawless status.

In other words, you don't need to go Flawless to get an Adept weapon. You just need seven wins. Those seven wins don't have to be consecutive. Keep playing Trials, aim to win matches, and you'll eventually get enough wins to claim your Adept weapon. With that said, you cannot turn this card in for an Adept weapon. Once you get seven wins, you either continue to farm Trials or get a new Passage.

Passage Of Mercy

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (16)


  • 1,500 Glimmer

Whenever you lose in Trials of Osiris, your Flawless tracker normally becomes invalidated, preventing you from visiting the Lighthouse after seven wins. With a Passage of Mercy, your first loss doesn't count. If you haven't gone Flawless that week, loss forgiveness is increased to two matches. Only buy this Passage if you're attempting to go Flawless.

Passage Of Ferocity


  • 1,500 Glimmer

This is arguably the best Passage for most players. If you have not gone Flawless this week, this card effectively halves the number of wins you need to reach the Lighthouse after you lose a match. If you lose a game, your card will reset to three wins instead of becoming flawed. This means you can go Flawless despite losing multiple games. If you lose, you just need to win four games in a row, not seven.

Compared to the Passage of Mercy, this Passage is better suited for above-average players who tend to be on the receiving end of poor matchmaking. If you don't have a strong team to play with, you'll likely have better results here than with Mercy. You just need to win three games in a row, then follow it up with four games in a row. If you play in a three-stack and work well with your team, then Mercy might be preferable.

Passage Of Wealth

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (18)


  • 5 Match Wins
  • 2,500 Glimmer

Consider purchasing the Passage of Wealth as you reach the Fabled and Mythic ranks for your Trials Rank. Saint-14 gives a Trials Engram for every subdivision rank, allowing you to decrypt those Engrams into specific weapons or armor. The payout of these Engrams becomes less and less frequent as you rank up with Saint, something the Passage of Wealth somewhat counteracts.

Passage of Confidence

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (19)


  • 7 Trials of Osiris wins
  • 5,000 Glimmer

When you reach the Lighthouse, the Flawless chest will drop two items instead of just one. Since Adept weapons now drop for Flawless Passages past seven wins, this Passage is arguably the worst in the game. Only run this if you want to earn the Flawless title.

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Trials Of Osiris Matchmaking Pools Explained

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (20)

Trials of Osiris features a unique matchmaking system that is slightly different from traditional Crucible and even Competitive. In essence, Trials matchmaking is based on connection quality and Passage status. Bungie overhauled the system in Season 21 to include two distinct matchmaking pools:

  • Challenger Pool: Newly-acquired Passages or those without losses are placed in this pool. Features connection-based matchmaking (CBMM).
  • Practice Pool: Passages with losses are placed in this pool. Features skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) with stomp and farming protection, mitigating loss streaks.
    • This is also the pool used for Flawless players who obtain a Flawed Passage after visiting the Lighthouse.

Everyone who tries out Trials for the first time will be placed in the Challenger pool. This tunes matchmaking to bias connection quality above all else. It does not look at KD, ELO, or any other skill measurements. This lasts until your Passage becomes flawed upon losing a game.

Flawed Passages are placed in the Practice Pool. This tunes matchmaking around connection quality and weekly performance, meaning this playlist has SBMM. To compensate for this stricter matchmaking, Bungie has added stomp and farming protection methods into the Practice pool. If you enter a losing streak in Trials, the game will give you slightly easier matches until you recover. Conversely, players farming this playlist for easy wins will eventually be forced into the Challenger pool for the rest of the week (source).

What Happened To The Flawless Pool?

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (21)

The Flawless pool was removed in Season of the Deep. It has been replaced with the more flexible Challenger and Practice pools. Both pools are active throughout the entire weekend and are tied to Passage progress rather than Flawless status.

In addition to the matchmaking changes, Bungie has changed Flawless Passages to award Adept gear even if it becomes flawed afterward. For example, if you go Flawless and then lose a match, you'll still be able to farm for that week's Adept weapon on the same Passage; you'll just be moved to the Practice Pool to fight similarly skilled players.

Does Trials Of Osiris Have Skill-Based Matchmaking?

Yes, but only for the Practice Pool. This was confirmed by Bungie in the Lightfall Crucible Update blog:

[The Practice pool] matches based on connection and weekly performance (how well you have done in Trials this week, resets every week).

It's unclear what fully encompasses "weekly performance," but it most likely refers to your weekly KD and round wins. It's also worth noting that the Challenger pool does not feature SBMM. That pool's matchmaking algorithm focuses on connection quality only. Card wins, kills, and other performance metrics are not considered.

Does Trials Of Osiris Have A Freelance Playlist?

No. This was removed in Season of Defiance to accommodate Fireteam Matchmaking. This system attempts to matchmake you with fireteams that are the same size as your own. Solo players will typically get matched with other solos and duos, duos will fight other duos and solos, while trios will fight other trios.

Can I Play Trials Without A Fireteam?

Yes. Just like any other Crucible playlist, you can matchmake into Trials by yourself, with a friend, or with a full fireteam. The game will fill your team with other players in the matchmaking pool, as per usual. Fireteam Matchmaking will attempt to matchmake you against teams that match the size of your own—solo, duo, or trio.

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Trials Of Osiris And Saint-14 Rewards

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (22)

We've talked about loot quite a bit thus far, but we haven't gone into the exact items you can expect from Trials of Osiris. This mode has four reward sources:

  1. Passages
  2. Pinnacle Weeklies
  3. Saint-14
  4. The Lighthouse
    • Requires a Flawless Trials Passage

You'll get most of your loot from Passages and Saint-14, although Trials matches can grant rewards when you reach certain win thresholds on your Passage. Your main reward from this mode is Trials Engrams. As with other vendors, you'll be able to focus these to guarantee certain weapons and armor. Saint will also grant specific weapons and Masterwork materials as you increase your Trials Rank—a similar system to Crucible Valor.

Trials Engrams

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (23)

Trials Engrams work exactly the same as HELM Engrams. Playing Trials of Osiris will grant reputation with Saint-14 that'll eventually grant a Trials Engram. You can either decrypt the Engram as-is to obtain a random piece of Trials Gear or use Engram Focusing to target-farm loot. Decrypting Engrams as-is can drop any non-legacy weapon or armor piece with a slight bias towards gear you don't own.

Focusing a Trials Engram will limit its loot pool to a single weapon or armor piece, chosen directly by you in Saint-14's vendor menu. Focusing an Engram requires a Trials Engram and 20,000 Glimmer. The roll you get is random.

Added in Season of Defiance is Legacy Focusing, the ability to earn older Trials weapons and armor sets. These items include all Trials armor—the Exile and Pyrrhic Ascent sets—and most fan-favorite weapons from the past. Legacy Focusing costs five Trials Engrams and 25,000 Glimmer.

Adept Focusing

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (24)

If you go Flawless that week but don't get the roll you want on that week's Adept weapon, you can focus a Trials Engram to create that week's Adept weapon. You had to have gone Flawless that week to see this option, but the Passage itself does not have to be Flawless to use this focusing option. Focusing an Adept weapon removes your Passage.

Here's every reward type tied to these Engrams:


Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (25)
Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (26)
Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (27)
Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (28)
Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (29)

Armor Sets

Exile Armor Set

Legacy Focusing

Season of the Worthy | D1Y1 Set

Pyrrhic Ascent Set

Legacy Focusing

Season of the Chosen | D2Y4 Set

Atavistic Idol Set

Legacy Focusing

Season of the Haunted | D2Y5 Set

Photonic Set

Engram Focusing

Season of the Witch | D2Y6 Set

Weapons (Focused Decoding)

Aisha's Care

  • Pulse Rifle (Strand)
  • Heavy Burst (395 RPM)
  • Can roll Zen Moment + Headseeker

Eye Of Sol

  • Sniper Rifle (Kinetic)
  • Adaptive Frame (90 RPM)
  • Can roll Moving Target + Opening Shot


  • Trace Rifle (Strand)
  • Adaptive Frame (1,000 RPM)
  • Can roll Subsistence + KIlling Tally

The Prophet

  • Scout Rifle (Kinetic)
  • Aggressive Frame (120 RPM)
  • Can roll Discord + Cascade Point

Shayura's Wrath

  • Submachine Gun (Void)
  • Precision Frame (600 RPM)
  • Can Roll Zen Moment + Kill Clip

The Summoner

  • Auto Rifle (Solar)
  • Adaptive Frame (600 RPM)
  • Can roll Subsistence + Onslaught

Unexpected Resurgence

  • Glaive (Arc)
  • Adaptive Frame (55 RPM)
  • Can roll Shot Swap + Frenzy

Weapons (Legacy Focusing)

Aisha's Embrace

  • Scout Rifle (Void)
  • Rapid-Fire Frame (260 RPM)
  • Can roll Triple Tap + Fourth Time's the Charm

Astral Horizon

  • Shotgun (Kinetic)
  • Aggressive Frame (55 RPM)
  • Can roll Slideshot + Opening Shot

Burden Of Guilt

  • Fusion Rifle (Stasis)
  • Adaptive Frame (660 Charge Time)
  • Can roll Elemental Capacitor + High-Impact Reserves

Cataphract GL3

  • Grenade Launcher (Strand)
  • Adaptive Frame (120 RPM)
  • Can roll Envious Assassin + Bait and Switch

Exalted Truth

  • Hand Cannon (Void)
  • Adaptive Frame (140 RPM)
  • Excellent Base Stats


  • Sidearm (Arc)
  • Aggressive Burst (325 RPM)
  • Can roll Killing Wind + Multikill Clip

Igneous Hammer

  • Hand Cannon (Solar)
  • Aggressive Frame (120 RPM)
  • Can roll Keep Away + Eye of the Storm

The Immortal

  • SMG (Strand)
  • Aggressive Frame (750 RPM)
  • Can roll Dynamic Sway Reduction + Target Lock

The Inquisitor

  • Shotgun (Arc)
  • Pinpoint Slug Frame (65 RPM)
  • Can roll Tunnel Vision + Fragile Focus

The Messenger

  • Pulse Rifle (Kinetic)
  • Aggressive Frame (340 RPM)
  • Can roll Rapid Hit + Desperado

Reed's Regret

  • Linear Fusion Rifle (Stasis)
  • Precision Frame (Single Shot)
  • Can roll Triple Tap + Firing Line

Shayura's Wrath

  • SMG (Void)
  • Precision Frame (600 RPM)
  • Can roll Killing Wind + Kill Clip

Unwavering Duty

  • Machine Gun (Solar)
  • Adaptive Frame (450 RPM)
  • Can roll Subsistence + Killing Tally

Whistler's Whim

  • Bow (Kinetic)
  • Lightweight Frame (500 Draw Time)
  • Can roll Kill Clip

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Passage Rewards And Trials Reputation

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (30)

Passages scale the amount of reputation you earn from a Trials game. The more round wins are on your card, the more reputation with Saint-14 you'll earn, up to a cap of 20 round wins. Saint is your main source of Trials Engrams now, so it's important to play Trials with as many wins on your card as possible.

Beyond reputation, holding a Passage with seven match wins will cause all subsequent Trials games to have a chance of granting Trials Engrams, Trials armor, and Masterwork materials (including Ascendant Shards) to drop upon match completion. This bonus is lost upon resetting your Passage.

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Flawless Passage Rewards (Farming Adept Weapons)

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (31)

If you have a Passage with seven wins that's Flawless, each win has a high chance of dropping that week's Adept weapon. For example, If Adept Igneous Hammer is up for grabs, then winning games with a Flawless Passage will give you a chance to obtain a randomly-rolled Adept Igneous Hammer. Players with Flawless Passages should keep playing Trials; don't reset your card.

Even if your Passage becomes flawed, you can still receive Adept weapons as end-of-match rewards.

For players that went Flawless on their passage, we recommend keeping your card until you're done playing Trials that weekend. Even if it becomes flawed, there's a solid chance you'll get Adept guns from match wins. Wins also have a 50% chance of dropping that week's Lighthouse weapon, albeit the non-Adept variant. This is ideal for players who dislike going Flawless but want to target farm a certain weapon.

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Pinnacle Weeklies

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (32)

Trials of Osiris has two weeklies that will grant Pinnacle gear:

  1. Win 7 matches total in a single weekend.
  2. Win 50 rounds.

Each weekly grants a piece of Trials-themed Pinnacle gear. 3/5/7 win weeklies have been removed as of Season 15.

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Saint-14 Rewards

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (33)

Since Trials now has a reputation system tied to it, you can now expect a reward track for sticking to the playlist. Saint-14 serves as the Trials of Osiris vendor, and he gives out similar rewards to other ritual vendors as you increase your Trials rank. You can expect Masterwork materials and Trials-themed weapons as you increase your Trials Rank.

Saint's reward track weapons are randomly rolled every week.

Here's Saint-14's reward track for any given season:

Initial Reward

Post-Reset Reward


x1 Trials Engram (subranks count)

x1 Trials Engram (subranks count)

Division Rank-Ups

x1 Prime Trials Engram


Rank 4

x3 Upgrade Module

x2 Upgrade Module

Rank 7

x3 Enhancement Prisms

x3 Enhancement Prisms

Rank 10

New Trials Weapon

Trials Weapon

Rank 13

x1 Ascendant Alloy

x1 Ascendant Alloy

Rank 16

New Trials Weapon

Trials Weapon

Rank 16 Completed

x1 Ascendant Shard

x1 Exotic Engram

Trials Rank Requirements

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (34)

Just like the other playlist vendors in the Tower, you can reset your Trials Rank with Saint-14 after you reach the rank of Legend. Claiming all rewards from Saint will set your rank back to Guardian I and reveal a new reward track.

If you're curious how long it takes to rank up your Trials Rank, it's about the same as leveling your Crucible Valor rank or any other ritual playlist ranking. It uses the same ranking system as the other three ritual playlists.


Trials Rank Requirement

Rank-Up Requirement

Guardian I


Guardian II



Guardian III



Brave I



Brave II



Brave III



Heroic I



Heroic II



Heroic III



Fabled I



Fabled II



Fabled III



Mythic I



Mythic II



Mythic III






Legend(Max Rank)


N/A; reset is available

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The Lighthouse

Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Guide (35)

If you are capable of going Flawless in Trials of Osiris, you'll be able to access The Lighthouse and its associated spoils. The chest in this area will drop the following:

Ascendant Shard

  • Enhancement Prisms on subsequent Flawless completions that week

Adept Trials Weapon

  • First Flawless clear counts this as a pinnacle reward
  • First Flawless clear always drops an Adept weapon
  • The Adept weapon is predetermined and rotates weekly

Adept Mod

  • Only drops on your first Flawless clear that week

Cosmetic Rewards

  • (First Clear) Emblems that change your Flawless glow on items
  • (Weekly) Trials Memento, used to give crafted weapons a liquid gold shader
  • If you've achieved Flawless without trailing once, you'll receive a unique emblem.

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