Guide to completing the Enigma Protocol in Destiny 2 (2024)

Destiny 2’s latest expansion called The Final Shape features the Enigma Protocol. It is a three-person, time-gated challenge and not an easy one. It is the first Echo in Act 1 so you can run it until the act gets over. Read more to know how you can solve the Enigma Protocol.

What is the Enigma Protocol?

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Enigma Protocol is more about completing a set of objectives within the given time than fighting bosses. In this race against time, you will come across multiple arena-fights but it is important to remember that defeating your opponent is not the ultimate goal but doing it fast is. The activity is divided into sections and there’s a final boss fight at the end.

How to extend the timer?

The most challenging part about the Enigma Protocol is beating the clock. The mission begins with a 60-second timer and there are two ways to extend the timer:

  • destroying yellow crystals.
  • killing Harpies.

The yellow diamond crystals will be hidden throughout the room so make sure to really scan every corner. Each crystal will give you an extra 30 seconds on the clock.

The Harpies who appear in the arenas are called Archival TImekeepers. Eliminating them will grant you 30 seconds more.

Once the timer runs out, the mission will restart so try to extend it as much as you can.

How to unlock the Enigma Protocol?

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You won’t be able to immediately access the Enigma Protocol. Firstly, you need to complete a few tasks for Failsafe, the primary vendor for this episode.

After finishing the main campaign in The Final Shape and defeating the Witness, you will begin an introductory mission. Next, complete at least one run of the Breach Executable before going back to the Failsafe.

Failsafe will now assign you a new quest called Encoded Log. It will ask you to investigate the Well of Echoes in The Tangle. Make your way over and enter the building there. You will come across a Minotaur who you need to defeat.

Look for Vex cubes nearby. Destroy them to make the Minotaur weaker. Keep doing so until it eventually dies.

Your HUD will now display a waypoint. Follow it and go down to Nessus. You will soon be standing in front of the entrance to the Enigma Protocol.


There are two main sections in the Enigma Protocol. Every section will have a loot chest at the end before which there’s a series of platforming sections and arenas. You can either go to the second loot chest or start over. To get better loot, defeat the Vex Minotaur.

Guide to completing the Enigma Protocol in Destiny 2 (3)

To reset the mission, activate the Force Reboot Network Instance button or jump into the portal. The loot chests contain Season of Dawn weapons and a rare emblem.


Guide to completing the Enigma Protocol in Destiny 2 (4)

Most of the encounters in the Enigma Protocol are the same as you progress. This helps to cut back on lost time. Every encounter has three yellow diamonds. Once all three have been destroyed, you will receive a message stating “Zone Security Cleared!”.

Networked Grid 1Go to the far side of the platforming section and enter the portal
Experimental Grid 1Grab the orange ball and charge it. Once fully charged, drop it in the receptacle in the middle of the room.
Networked Grid 2Check corners and walls to find the next path point.
Experimental Grid 2Activate the Vex Portal to get orange balls. Using them, destroy the floating Harpies.
Bridge 1Shoot the silver diamond to create the sparrow track. Hop on to go to your next destination.
Archival Grid 1First loot chest is located here. Either carry on or start again.
Networked Grid 4Destroy enemies or dodge them to proceed.
Experimental Grid 3Shoot bubbles to drop Motes of Encrypted Golden Age Data.
Networked Grid 3Go through the gaps, narrow pathways while destroying enemies along the way.
Experimental Grid 4Final boss fight. Defeat the Vex Minotaur named Ainigmatos, The Indecipherable Proto-Mind.
Bridge 2Hop on to the sparrow track to go back.
Archival Grid 2Second and final loot chest is located here.

This marks the end of the Enigma Protocol. You can complete this run multiple times until the first Act is over.

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Guide to completing the Enigma Protocol in Destiny 2 (2024)
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