The 5 Best Final Shape Weapons (Destiny 2) (2024)

The Top 5 Final Shape Weapons

Guardians, if you’re looking for the best Final Shape weapons, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re jumping into the latest story arc, or tweaking your builds, these new instruments of destruction will take your gameplay to the next level.

Today, we’re counting down the top 5 must-have weapons every Guardian should get their hands on to make the most of Prismatic and all the new buildcrafting options it brings with it.


These weapons were chosen based on specific criteria. Be aware that this list is 99% PvE-centric. These weapons were selected based on overall damage, perk pools, utility, and ease of use. All but one of the weapons are also fairly easy to acquire. While that wasn’t necessary to make the list, it was also taken into consideration to a degree. Being able to craft the two legendary weapons on this list also made them stand above the rest of the competition!

5. No Hesitation

The first support frame auto rifle is kicking off this list at number 5: No Hesitation. These new auto rifle frames bring a new level of survivability to you and the rest of your fireteam.

Dealing damage builds a charge on this rifle, and hip-firing at allies will heal them. Beyond that, rapidly healing allies grants them Restoration, along with increasing this weapon’s damage.

No Hesitation is incredible for keeping your allies alive, but with its perk pool, also amazing at keeping yourself alive. Physic is a new perk The Final Shape brought us, and No Hesitation can roll with it! Physic grants your allies Restoration on rapidly healing them, but also gives it to you! In slot 2, you can also get Incandescent- Making this weapon the perfect combo for coupling ad-clearing with survivability.

This gun can drop anywhere in the Pale Heart. You can roll them as much as you’d like at your Ghost in the Pale Heart also. Micah-10 also has quests that can drop red-border Pale Heart weapons!

Here’s a build worth trying if you get your hands on a good roll or craft No Hesitation: Plunder’s Devouring Hellion Souls.

4. Khvostov 7G-0X

Yes, this list revolves around PvE-based weapons, however, sitting at number 4 is the all-new Khvostov 7G-0X. Be warned, the quest to get this new exotic is tedious and draining. On the other hand, it’s a fantastic gun for PvE and an absolute monster in PvP!

First off, every seventh bullet from this weapon deals additional damage and ricochets to nearby targets. On top of that, collecting Orbs of Power strengthens this weapon’s next several ricochet shots, allowing them to bounce between multiple targets.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the new Khvostov gets Shoot to Loot, making grabbing those Orbs of Power all the easier! It has barely any recoil and decimates ads in PvE. It’s currently sitting atop the PvP meta totem pole, so expect a PvP nerf very shortly!

As previously stated, this weapon is obtained through a very lengthy quest. Stay tuned for our guide on how to get it!

Since this weapon is great in PvE and PvP, here is a build for each!

  • PvE: Rest’s Bleak Artist (I’ve recently been running this myself, make sure to give it a try!)
  • PvP: #1 Prismatic Warlock PvP

3. Red Death Reformed

At number 3 we have a returning D1 fan favorite, Red Death Reformed! So many people weren’t big on Crimson and wanted the real deal back, and now we have an even better version! Its Exotic perk, Redemption, grants you increased reload speed and Cures you upon final blows, and reloading after final blows Cures your nearby allies as well.

Also, when you deal damage with this weapon, it gains increased handling, you take reduced flinch, and your movement speed is increased for a short time. To top it all off, when you are at reduced health, this weapon deals additional damage.

This gun will increase your survivability in the hardest of content, and having Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle in the Artifact makes it even more useful. It is an easy S-tier weapon in PvE and PvP alike!

The best part is how easy it is to obtain. If you bought the Episode One season pass, you already have it. If not, the free season pass will let you grab it at tier 40.

Here’s a build utilizing Red Death Reformed you’ll surely love!: Singing Abilities.

2. The Call

Before closing in on our number 1 pick, we have The Call. Before The Final Shape, we only had one Rocket-Assisted sidearm. Not only do we have more now, but this one goes in the Kinetic slot instead of the Energy slot, as it is a Strand weapon.

I won’t explain how great this weapon is, as I won’t need to. I’ll just give you a few perks it can roll in each slot and you’ll understand enough! In the first slot, it can get Beacon Rounds, Lead From Gold, Demolitionist, Slice, Subsistence, and those are just the S-Tier perks!

In slot 2, you can end up with Hatchling, Vorpal Weapon, Desperate Measures, and One For All, among a few others! There are TOO many great perk combinations this gun can roll with!

Like No Hesitation, this weapon can drop anywhere in the Pale Heart, but can also be purchased from your Ghost in the Pale Heart. Micah-10’s quests can also reward you with this weapon. Mind you, it can, and SHOULD be crafted as soon as it can be!

You can use this with Plunder’s build linked above under No Hesitation, but here’s another build anyway (don’t worry, it also utilizes No Hesitation): Rest’s Benevolent Balance.

1. Still Hunt

Coming in at the top spot on our list of the best Final Shape weapons is the famous Golden Gun sniper: Still Hunt. This weapon is incredible in PvE and excels in boss damage. You can pick up Orbs of Power or land precision hits to charge this weapon’s Super bar. Once full, hold your action button to fire Golden Gun shots.

This weapon also gains passive bonuses to target acquisition, aim down sight speed, and flinch resistance; The bonus increases when this weapon’s super mode is active. On top of that, when you activate the Golden Gun mode, you gain 3 shots for free added to your ammo, or 1 if using Celestial Nighthawk. Oh yeah, the Golden Gun mode works with Celestial Nighthawk!

If you use it with Nighthawk, instead of 3 shots that stack damage with every hit, it fires one shot that deals massive damage! This weapon proved it’s power very well since its release and is part of the new raid boss DPS meta without a doubt.

Upon completing The Final Shape’s story, you can speak to Cayde-6 at the old Tower in the Pale Heart and start Wild Card, the quest that drops you this incredible weapon.

Since I mentioned its raid damage potential, it only feels right to link a build that will allow you to see the substantial damage you can crank out for yourself: Mactics’ Best DPS Hunter Build Ever.


The 5 Best Final Shape Weapons (Destiny 2) (2024)
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